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Affordable Gardeners Beddington Services

Your All-in-One Gardening Service in Beddington

Some people love gardening and some hate it. If you are one of the latter then you would be well off hiring our professional team of gardeners – Gardeners Beddington. Having a garden at your property is great but what do you do when it comes to taking care of it? Our gardening services are made to suit the individual needs of our clients in Beddington. We understand that you are busy and do not want to be taking on these tasks yourself and you do not have to. Fancy improving the look and shape of your garden in SM6? Just call now for a free, no obligation quote.

Maintain a Happy, Healthy Garden, Thanks to Our Gardeners Beddington

In need of a professional lawn care service? Your lawn is often the first area that becomes problematic in your garden, which is why it needs the care and attention it deserves. Taking good care of your garden and lawn requires a lot of hard work, money and expensive equipment, or you can simply hire our Beddington gardeners who can take care of this for you. We help hundreds of people just like you, so don’t be the one with the dying lawn, call us today to make the most of our cost-effective services.

Convenient and Effective Hedge Cutting Service in SM6

When it comes to cutting hedges you need to be extremely careful, especially if you are trimming trees as well. There is a lot to consider for a job that seems so simple and easy to do. You must be sure that what you are doing and the way you are doing it is safe, effective and complies with the laws set out for these kinds of things in your local area. Sound complicated? Or for a small cost you could hire our professional team. We have hedge trimming specialists who have the tools, knowhow and experience to get the job done quickly and professionally!

Artistic Garden Landscaping in Beddington

For a complete garden redesign you need to hire professionals in order to get an all-in deal on the job, as well as high quality results. Most people want an attractive looking garden but if you do not have the knowhow, tools or time then consider hiring our team of landscape gardeners in Beddington who will provide you with the garden of your dreams. We will take care of the whole project for you and you can add your thoughts and input wherever and whenever you like, making the perfect combination! A stunning garden is only a phone call away with us!

Excellent Regular and One-Off Garden Maintenance in SM6

A garden with weeds in it, a brown dying lawn, dead flowers and hedges that need trimming – these are all things that do not a good look in a garden. General garden care in Beddington is something that few people are capable of managing alone, especially when you have a busy schedule. If your garden in CR0 needs a little TLC then ignore the rest and hire the best! We offer an extensive list of services to help improve the health and appearance of your lawn, hedges, trees and flower beds. Book now and if need be you can cancel anytime!

An Efficient and Cost-Effective Gardeners Beddington

Our company is a leading specialist garden service provider in Beddington.  With our services, we can get your garden in SM6 looking modern and maintained in next to no time. We have a reliable team of professionals that include landscape gardeners, specialist suppliers, horticulturists and the list goes on. If gardening isn’t your thing or if you do not have enough time on your hands just offload your chores to us. Hiring our team would be the best decision you could make for your garden. Just give gardeners Beddington a call today for a free quote.

2 gardeners x 1h OR 1 gardener x up to 2 hours of work 2 gardeners x up to  2 hours per visit Additional Hour of work Green Waste Additional Green Waste
Garden Maintenance £60 from £107 £47 for both gardeners 3 bags of green waste to be disposed (180L) included £3 per 60L bag, £4 per 75L bag, £4,5 per 90L bag
Garden Clearance £60 from £107 £47 for both gardeners 3 bags of green waste to be disposed (180L) included £3 per 60L bag, £4 per 75L bag, £4,5 per 90L bag
Lawn Care & Repair £60 from £107 £47 for both gardeners 3 bags of green waste to be disposed (180L) included £3 per 60L bag, £4 per 75L bag, £4,5 per 90L bag
Jet Wash Service from £2.50 sq.m (covers up to 20sq.m.) £2.50 per additional sq.m.

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